Philly ALT.NET

A community of motivated developers using the .NET platform

Past Meetings

Below is a list of our past meetings.  To view more details on these meetings, you can check out our Eventbrite page at:

Date Title Speaker Details
June, 2012 RavenDB Brian Flanagan View more
April, 2012 Node on Azure Peter Laudati View more
February, 2012 Asynchronous Programming Erik Peterson View more
November, 2011 Chef Loves Windows! Mat Schaffer View more
October, 2011 Hypermedia APIs: The Rest of REST Jonathan Moore View more
September, 2011 Demystifying WCF Vadim Rybak View more
August, 2011 Knockout.js Demonstration Brian Flanagan View more
June, 2011 Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) Steve Bohlen View more
March, 2011 The Manos Web Framework Aaron Feng View more
February, 2011 A Year in the Life of an ISV Kendall Miller View more
January, 2011 Introduction to Android Development Using MonoDroid Greg Shackles View more
December, 2010 ASP.NET MVC Tips, Tricks and Hacks Brian Donahue View more
November, 2010 MongoDB: A Code-First Introduction John Zablocki View more
October, 2010 Windows Phone 7 Dani Diaz View more
September, 2010 Movie Night: Kent Beck’s TDD Screencasts View more
July, 2010 Reactive Extensions for .NET Jon Graves View more
June, 2010 Working Smarter – Vi/ViEmu and Other Productivity Tools Aaron Feng View more
May, 2010 Azure – .NET in the Cloud David Gitlin View more
March, 2010 The Mono Option for .NET Dane Morgridge View more
February, 2010 Pragmatic Implementation Patterns for Domain Driven Design Steve Bohlen View more
January, 2010 What Python and IronPython Can Do For You Tom Eble, Matt Beckius, Brian Frantz View more
December, 2009 Open Forum View more
November, 2009 Concepts of Functional Programming Aaron Feng View more
September, 2009 Rake, TeamCity and Git Sean Carpenter, JP Toto View more
June, 2009 Foundation Series Workshop 4: Pragmatic Architecture Bob Bunson View more
June, 2009 Test-Driven Web Development with MVC Scott Bellware View more
May, 2009 Foundation Series Workshop 3: Design Patterns Erik Peterson View more
May, 2009 Mobile “i” for the .NET Guy – iPhone Development Alex Hung View more
April, 2009 Foundation Series Workshop 2: SOLID Principles Brian Franz and Jon Graves View more
March, 2009 Foundation Series Workshop 1: Why Should I Care? Brian Donahue and Steve Eichert View more
August, 2008 Deploying with WiX and Intro to Mocking Ben Greenberg
July, 2008 Building Maintainable Apps with WPF Jon Graves
May, 2008 Introduction to F# Matt Podwysocki
March, 2008 NHibernate Seth Soffer
February, 2008 Planned Agility Dave Laribee
December, 2007 Open Spaces
November, 2007 Intro to Monorail and Castle Brian Donahue and Dan Donahue

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